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Improve your DJing skills, discover music production with analog instruments, and establish your DJing career at reform Studios.
reform studios thessaloniki dj booth

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The reform Studios offers a unique, ultra-modern industrial-style environment, built with the highest quality materials and carefully selected for comfort. Consisting of two rooms, one DJ booth, and a separate Production room with hi-end equipent, the reform Studios is the perfect place for music production, gig preparations, back-to-back rehearsals, and all the services related to electronic music creation and presentation.

reform Studios Thessaloniki reception
reform Studios Thessaloniki reception
computer with monitor
reform studio DJ booth the best DJ booth in thessaloniki for practice live streaming
computer with monitor
reform Studios analog music production with Perkons HD-01
video podcast at reform studios
Raw Oscillator DJing at reform studios

reform Studios: Thessaloniki’s premier spot for electronic music

reform provides top-notch services for DJ practice and electronic music production in Thessaloniki. reform Studio welcomes all DJs seeking to enhance their skills and practice in a club-like environment.

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