Take your sound above. And beyond. Say hello to your new professional studio.


The only electronic dance music studio for bedroom producers in Thessaloniki to connect
and grow with like-minded people.

3 reasons why a bedroom producer won’t get you to the next level.

No acoustic treatment

It is complicated, expensive, and annoying to set up in a bedroom.

Limited volume

How do you know if your track is punchy if your neighbors constantly complain?

Lacks professional equipment

Sometimes, Stock-Plugins just wonn’t cut it to improve your sound.

A pro-level music studio instead, gives you the freedom to….

Create high-quality productions

Thanks to the soundproof studio, you ́ll confidently create high-quality productions in record time.

Listen loud without boundaries

Turn up the volume, feel your track, and have some fun. No neighbor can stop you.

Get constructive feedback

Count on us if you ever feel stuck with your arrangement, beat, or sound design.

Less guessing = more creating. Increase your odds of success with data-driven

Let’s work together!



How much faster could you grow your fanbase by creating industry-level music productions?

You could be just a few steps away from getting higher paying gigs around the world, so you can travel the world and make a living with your passion

What if you could produce your music just like your favorite artists do?

We sound
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