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Community Engagement

Involving local DJs fosters a sense of community and support within the local music scene, encouraging collaboration and networking opportunities.


Artist Promotion

Including sets from DJs who produce their own music can help promote their original tracks and remixes, providing exposure for their work and potentially leading to increased recognition and opportunities within the music industry.


Diverse Perspectives

DJs from different locations bring their own cultural influences and musical preferences to their sets, adding depth and diversity to your radio show’s content.



reform Studios Showcase – TSF | Thessaloniki

For our first episode we will showcase an artist who has love and dedication for music. We would like to introduce you TSF!

TSF is a Greek born and raised DJ/producer, who crafts euphoric and melancholic emotions through synths and ambient melodies.
Drawing inspiration from the dub hooks of 2000s soundtracks, he weaves a magical journey, with plans to release his first EP by the end of 2024.

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reform Studios Showcase 002 – Yuri | Limassol

For the second episode of our series, we’ll dive deep into the sonic waves with Yuri Spitsyn!

Yuri is the biggest music lover and a talented DJ based in Limassol Cyprus! Rooted in the pulsating rhythms of Techno & Progressive House, Tech House, and the earthy beats of Organic & Afro-house.
Yuri doesn’t just stop at DJing. Endowed with a keen ear for the intricacies of sound, he also explores music production, beatmaking, and the vast universe of sound engineering.


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