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About reform Studios

Born from a fervent passion for the mesmerizing sounds of electronic music, our studio’s journey commenced in the vibrant late ’90s, a period marked by the burgeoning electronic music scene. This era ignited our aspiration to craft these captivating sounds, leading us to continually evolve electronic music into diverse, outstanding masterpieces across various genres. Our goal is to enrich this musical form, basking in its harmonious beauty and drawing energy from the dynamic atmospheres it creates for its audience.

Leap to the present, and behold our magnificent new studio, a sanctuary for professional DJ-ing, live streaming, podcasting, recording, and electronic music production.

Reform Studio is an epitome of professionalism, boasting state-of-the-art technology and the latest in DJ equipment, like the CDJ3000, to ensure a superior quality experience in our offerings. With a focus on achieving scientifically accurate audio sound during mixing, recording, and production, we have meticulously studied audio engineering in our DJ booth and Production room. The outcome is an impeccably clear audio experience, free from echoes, thanks to strategically placed sound absorbers in our thoroughly soundproofed rooms.

The studio is a fusion of contemporary industrial design and supreme quality materials, chosen for ultimate comfort. Comprising two rooms — a DJ booth and a separate Production room — Reform Studios is an ideal haven for music production, preparation for performances, collaborative rehearsals, and all aspects of electronic music creation and presentation.

Welcoming all who wish to enhance their DJ skills, the studio offers a unique retreat from familiar settings, liberating artists from the constraints of noise concerns, courtesy of our completely soundproof booths.

Please complete the booking form provided to schedule your practice or production sessions. 

Beneficial for you. Beneficial for the community.

Our goal is to cultivate an inclusive culture where everyone feels they belong, fueling our creativity. This drives our efforts to foster a more community-centric electronic music scene in Thessaloniki.

Our Team

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Raw Oscillator

Founder & Director

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Archaic Intellect

Audio Engineer

Electronic Music Producer

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Marketing & Communications

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